Should Some Employees Be Allowed to Start Work Late?

How Night Owls with Sleep Disorders Survive at Work

How Night Owls Can Gain Wiggle Room

Based on his own experience, Lemmon says a delayed sleep sufferer will do best in fields in which: (1) traditional displays of professionalism (such as being at one's desk when the manager's manager walks by) do not matter much; (2) there is a tradition of flexibility in the workplace; (3) it's difficult for employers to find good workers; (4) the business is successful enough that managers can relax if not every employee is hyper-productive; and (5) you are among the "rock stars" of the organization, gaining a certain level of respect simply because everyone in your position is treated with respect.

Examples Lemmon shares are doctors in hospitals, programmers at software companies, and scientists in laboratories. "A counterexample would be a programmer working at a bank, or a risk compliance officer at a hedge fund—that's a job I'd never want to have," he adds.