Equal Pay App Challenge

Do you care deeply about ending wage discrimination in the workplace? Do you feel women and men should be paid the same amount for doing identical work? Then you've come to the right place.

Salary.com has made a commitment to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Equal Pay App Challenge. This initiative, spearheaded by federal agency partners on President Barack Obama’s Equal Pay Task Force, is seeking innovative ways to use modern technology to eliminate the wage gap between men and women that exists in the workplace. Because of Salary.com’s wealth of private sector salary data that includes more than 4,000 jobs, White House representatives requested our assistance with this project. Which means for the first time in company history, Salary.com is offering a limited version of our Salary Wizard API free of charge. Now developers can mesh our data with public salary figures from the Department of Labor to create applications that present useful information on equal pay in easy-to-use medium.

Since 1999 Salary.com has been dedicated to providing consumers with the tools they need to understand and reach their full earning potential. And now we continue our mission by taking the unprecedented step of offering access to our salary data as well as salary ranges, bonus expectations, benefits packages, location information and education statistics.



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