Battle of the Sexes: Gender Perceptions at Work

Women Emerge as Breadwinners While Men Focus on Work/Life Balance

Men and Women, Work and Life

As we enter the time of year between Mother's Day and Father's Day, Americans also find themselves caught in the middle of shifting norms when it comes to gender, work, and life.

Men still earn more money than women, but more women than men are graduating with college degrees. The last few years have seen vastly more men laid off from their jobs due to the economy, while more women than ever before are entering the workforce. On the homefront, stay-at-home parenting duties are no longer strictly relegated to women. The number of stay-at-home dads is rising steadily and approaching 200,000, while the Boston College Center for Work and Family reports that more and more men are placing an increased emphasis on gaining work/life flexibility in their jobs.

But how do men and women truly see each other and their respective roles both at work and at home? Are the stereotypes of old truly on their way to being eradicated? We wanted to find some answers, so we asked more than 2,100 people their thoughts regarding work, life, gender and societal norms.