Battle of the Sexes: Gender Perceptions at Work

Women Emerge as Breadwinners While Men Focus on Work/Life Balance

Women as Breadwinners

Gone are the Mad Men days of husbands bringing home the bacon while housewives clean the house and have dinner on the table the minute he walks through the door.

When it comes to breadwinners, it's true men still carry the load -- but in much smaller numbers. It's unsurprising that 78% of men identified as primary breadwinners for their families. What does raise some eyebrows is the fact that 62% of the women we surveyed are now family breadwinners.

Granted, we're and our readers are more career oriented than most. But the fact remains women are earning more of the diplomas, entering the workforce in greater numbers, and often having their husbands stay at home to be a full-time parents instead of them, which has led to a far greater number of women earning more money as breadwinners.