Get Ahead Instead of Dreading Your Performance Review

10 Strategies for Successful Performance Reviews

5. Give and Get Periodic Reviews Against Goals

Once you and your manager agree on the goals, check in on a regular basis to track progress against these goals. Listen for feedback from your manager. Be aware of how your manager provides feedback. Since 80 percent of companies only do formal reviews once a year, don't expect feedback to come in a direct meeting.

Look for the informal feedback styles of your manager. Do they send congratulation emails after a project? Did you get a golf clap in front of the team? Did you get a "Good Job" or an extra day off after a long day at work?

Sometimes the best strategy is a simple check with your manager phrased as, "Am I giving you what you need on this project? Is there anything I can do to help?" Knowing you are on track will give you both confidence heading into the review.