Get Paid What You're Worth

The Expert Negotiators' Guide to Salary and Compensation

Why is it so important to negotiate salary following a job offer? There are millions of reasons. Literally.

People who don't negotiate salary could miss out on between $1 and $2 million over the course of their careers, according to Robin Pinkley, a professor at Southern Methodist University and author of "Get Paid What You're Worth: The Expert Negotiators' Guide to Salary and Compensation."

Aaron and Wendy tap into Pinkley's expertise on everything from negotiating with people of different cultures to figuring out why women are so hesitant to negotiate salary compared to men. She gets into specific fears regarding why people choose not to negotiate, and debunks the myth that the simple act of negotiating will result in the offer being rescinded. In fact, Pinkley says negotiating will likely bolster the company's confidence in you, provided you've done your research on market rates prior to the interview.

Pinkley also tackles the eternally popular question of "what should I do when it's too early to talk salary but the company wants my salary requirements up front?"

The free advice in this podcast from a master negotiator such as Pinkley is well worth the listen!

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