7 High-Growth Jobs That Don't Require a College Degree

Skilled Labor Jobs Provide a Financially Feasible Alternative to College

4. Carpenter

Projected increase in jobs by 2020: 20%
Median annual salary: $44,778
Projected 2020 salary: $55,072

There's no substitute for quality work, which is why many people have no problem paying top dollar for good carpenters.

Carpenters inspect, repair, install, modify, rebuild, construct, and maintain woodwork and other related structures. Carpenters are exposed to restricted movement, dirty environments, extreme temperatures and intense noise. Lifting and carrying heavy objects is also required. They construct, repairs, restore and install structures such as floors, doors, walls, windows, stairways, furniture, cabinets, shelves, and roofs.

Although a 4-year degree is not required, many experienced carpenters attend a technical school and engage in an apprenticeship at some point.