How Much Money Should Moms Be Paid?

For the 13th Year, Salary.com Reveals Its Annual "Mom Salary"

7. Janitor

Annual Median Salary: $20,700

Stay-at-home Moms: 7.8 hours per week
Working moms: 4.2 hours per week

Motherhood is messy.

It starts with the first diaper and doesn't get better until they move out of the house. Kids are constantly overflowing their diapers, messing in their pants once the diapers are off, drawing on walls, spilling their drinks on the carpet, throwing food, tracking mud through the house, etc. Most moms have an arsenal of cleaning supplies fit to handle each and every circumstance, because getting ketchup stains off the couch and white carpet is no task for a rookie.

Martha, a mother of two in Florida, said "When my first son was 8 weeks old and I was still learning the ropes, I was in a restaurant and he had a blow out. Everything was covered in baby poop, including his onesie. As I was in the ladies room freaking out, another mom saw me and opened up her HUGE purse. She told me to throw the stained outfit in the trash and no worry about it, then gave me everything I needed -- including a spare onesie. That's the day I officially became a mom."

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