How Much Are Dads Worth in 2012?

Our Annual Survey Shows How Much Dads Would Be Paid for All Their Fatherly Duties

3. Cook

Annual salary: $27,300
Hourly pay: $13.13
Stay-at-home dads: 5.7 hours a week
Working dads: 2.2 hours a week

Although the Cook job is still high up on the list, both stay-at-home and working dads reported cooking less this year than last -- SAHDs spent 6.2 hours on cooking while working dads clocked 2.7 weekly hours in 2011.

But despite the drop, it's clear moms aren't the only ones whipping up culinary masterpieces for the family on a daily basis. Some of the best chefs in the world are men, and our survey proves dads are no strangers when it comes to the kitchen. Whether they're baking up a scrumptious dessert or grilling up the delicious salted meat of your choosing, more and more dads are cooking and -- more importantly -- taking time to plan out nutritious meals for the family.

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