How Much Are Moms Worth in 2014?'s 14th Annual "Mom Salary" Survey Reveals How Much Money Mothers Should Be Paid

6. Psychologist

Median annual salary: $81,000

Stay-at-home moms: 8.3 hours a week
Working moms: 6.3 hours a week

“To bend bamboo, start when it is a shoot.” -- Malaysian Proverb

The job title with the biggest jump on our list this year was psychologist.

Stay at home moms reported working a full hour per week more as a psychologist to their kids than last year. Could it be because of increased acts of violence at schools? Can we pin it on rampant bullying? Or is Miley Cyrus and twerking to blame yet again? Whatever the reason, moms continue to be actively involved in listening to kids talk about their problems and working with them to find fixes.

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