6 Tips for Negotiating Salary at a Nonprofit

Weigh 'Need vs Greed' When Negotiating Salary at a Nonprofit

4. Examine Executive Pay

One benefit when doing your salary research: The law requires nonprofits to publicly disclose salaries for certain positions. A trip over to Salary.com's Executive Compensation Wizard can help with this.

Sites like CharityNavigator.com have a list of 10 Highly-Rated Charities with Low Paid CEOs that earn between $50,000-$60,000, But they also highlight 10 Highly Paid CEOs at Low-Rated Charities, earning between $250,000 and half a million. The average salary for the top official in their top 10 most followed charities is approximately $420,000.

Once again, it’s all relative. When looking at these numbers, make sure to note the salary as a percentage of expenses and consider the scope of the job. For example, while the CEO of the American Red Cross earned $591,000 in 2012, consider that this was 0.01% of expenses, and the position requires managing $3 billion in funds and overseeing more than 1,000,000 volunteers and 30,000 employees.