An Introvert's Guide to Dressing for Success

5 Ways for People Who Hate the Spotlight to Get Noticed

4. Get a Style Infusion

One of my clients, a Wall Street executive, was in a mid-career slump. An introvert in a highly visible role, she reflected that her look had become a bit dated. You might think that she should have just gone shopping. But not so fast. She hates shopping (except for books) and views fashion as frivolous -- a waste of money.

Yet, almost on a "dare," she agreed to spend an hour or two with a personal shopper at a department store. The next time I saw her, she was revitalized --and it turned out that she had gone to several stores to find clothing and accessories that really suited her. Sure, she appeared more polished because of her perfectly tailored threads. And she enjoyed compliments from colleagues and clients who noticed her new look. But it was most important to her that she felt better about her appearance.

My client was still wearing the black, taupe, and navy neutral tones she’s always been comfortable in. However, she added striking flourishes that not only complemented her eyes, hair, and skin tone, but really showed her personality.