People Are Job-hunting Now More Than Ever

Survey Finds More Employees Unhappy & Looking for New Jobs Constantly

So What's the Problem?

We know employees are unhappy and we know they are constantly looking for new jobs. The big question is, why?

When asked to choose the main reason why they’re unhappy and want out, it’s not hard to guess what topped the list. Low pay was the top vote-getter, with 24% of people claiming they aren’t paid a high enough salary. But it’s also clear that employees feel limited in other, non-monetary ways as well. Here’s the complete list:

  • Low pay: 24%
  • No possibility of advancement: 16%
  • Underappreciated: 10%
  • Not challenged enough: 8%
  • Too stressful: 6%
  • Poor work/life balance: 5%
  • Hate boss: 5%
  • Overworked: 3%
  • Bad benefits: 2%
  • Hate coworkers: 1%