Moms & the Art of Delegation

12 Tips for Getting Other People to Do Your Work for You

You're Not Alone

Look at you, a virtual whirling dervish of efficient accomplishment. Attired in chic corporate casual, you dash between refrigerator, washing machine and the mailbox, calling out pithy reminders to your adoring fan club as you mentally calculate how many lights must be green in order for you to make your 9 o'clock. Sure you can do it all. But will you even remember what you did? The room isn’t actually spinning, that’s just your brain on overdrive. But slow down for a minute. Those people you keep passing as you balance laundry baskets and groceries are there to help you. Uh huh. It’s "Team Family." What a concept! 

Chances are good that your own mom did some delegating. Hence, your dramatic teen-aged declarations regarding the relative merits of some other mother (who was hearing exactly the same message from her own daughter). So know that chore delegation is a universal experience. Successfully organizing a system of household duties, however, can be hit or miss. Responsibilities build self-respect and confidence. Sharing the load can also build family unity (except for when you’re in public and they don’t know you).

Ultimately it will free you to enjoy more non-chore activities with Team Family. 

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