Are Employees Working More Jobs for No Pay?

Survey Shows Employees Unhappy About Working Multiple Jobs

The Age of Digital Distractions

Laptops, tablets, phones – there are countless ways for numerous gadgets to distract us while working. In fact, 41% of respondents said they routinely have to unplug from various technologies (email, instant message, phones, etc) just to get their work done.

And it appears the age of workers plays a huge role in mitigating distractions as well as the ability to wear many hats.

Among the respondents who said their job performance suffers because of taking on additional job responsibilities, younger workers deal much better than their older colleagues. Fifty-five percent of workers age 18-25 said they are negatively impacted, while 71% of employees 60 and over have issues.

When it comes to being distracted by technology, older workers again have more difficulty with 44% of people 60 and older saying they are bothered by the constant barrage of email, texts, and IMs, compared to just 31% of employees ages 18-32 having to unplug.