Salary Negotiation: Separating Fact from Fiction

New Survey Highlights the Fear & Stigma Surrounding Salary Negotiation

Negotiation Myths & Reality

Negotiating salary is an incredibly complex and emotional endeavor. And as such, it becomes a personal and charged issue that all too often results in misinformation.

An earlier survey this year showed 41% of people didn't negotiate salary for the job they currently hold. So in an attempt to figure out what's true and what isn't regarding salary negotiation, we sent out three new surveys filled out by more than 1,000 employees and employers. The goal was to decipher whether people negotiate, why there's a stigma attached to negotiating, whether employees believe they'll face negative repercussions when asking for more money, and whether employers actually get upset when employees advocate for themselves.

If you're thinking about asking for a raise but you have reservations, this is a must-read article with some figures that reveal some truly useful and eye-opening information on separating negotiation fact from fiction.