Salary Negotiation: Separating Fact from Fiction

New Survey Highlights the Fear & Stigma Surrounding Salary Negotiation

Why Do People Ask for More Money?

The first thing anyone asking for a salary increase should think about is why they're asking for it.

Most people probably think money is the main motivator. After all, people are asking for more of it so it stands to reason money would top the list. But they'd be wrong. Of the people who responded to our survey 37% chose money as the main reason, but that was topped by the 39% who said they want a raise because they've worked hard and want to feel appreciated.

Being underpaid and not being recognized for hard work or added job responsibilities are good reason to ask for a raise. But there are other reasons people fall back on that aren't as viable, and some of our respondents fit into those categories. For instance, 10% of people said they want a raise because of a personal situation (divorce, desire to buy a house, having a child, etc), and another 10% said they want a raise solely because they've been at the company for a certain amount of time.

Before you ask for more money, take a moment to make sure you're asking for the right reasons.