Salary Negotiation: Separating Fact from Fiction

New Survey Highlights the Fear & Stigma Surrounding Salary Negotiation

Research Before the Raise

The good news for employees is that 69% reported doing research prior to asking for a raise. But that's where the good news ends.

One-third (33%) of people don't know at what time of year their company evaluates salaries. Almost half -- 46% -- are not at all familiar with their company's compensation policy. Forty percent of respondents said they believe they're required to disclose their salary requirements/current salaries during the job interview. Also, one-quarter (25%) of people don't even realize they're able to negotiate things other than base pay.

And 56% of people believe benchmark salary information (such as the data offered by is difficult to find. This is the root of the problem because if you haven't visited a site like ours to find out what your job is worth, you lack the foundation required for a successful salary negotiation.

That's probably why 59% of respondents said they are unprepared for their next negotiation.