7 Ways the Sequester Affects Your Job Search

How Cuts in Washington Will Affect Your Job Hunt on Main Street

2. Create/Use Your Support Network

This is perhaps the best advice available to you to get ahead in this economy.

Use the power of the network. Need babysitting on Thursday in order to go job hunting? Ask a trusted friend, family member or neighbor. Car in disrepair and need to get to work on time? Find folks in your neighborhood or from your job with whom you can carpool and save on gas and expenses together. Simply put, trade favors and services with people you know and trust to make the best of limited resources. Whatever you lack, find others to fill in the gap so you can give and get what you need to make your income stretch.

Besides being a creative and wise way to handle finances and life’s challenges, it’s also an excellent way to make potential job contacts during tough times.