Survey Results: For Love or Money?

Money Shapes Perceptions About Gender Roles

In today's tough economic times, many parents have to decide whether a double income is necessary or if one parent should stay home full-time to raise the children?

Nearly 64 percent of men said they would be open to financially supporting their significant others. But only 35 percent of women would work full-time while their partners stayed home. Furthermore, 34 percent---more than one-third---of all women surveyed said they absolutely would not tolerate being with a partner who wanted to be a stay-at-home parent.

"I would end up resenting my partner because I'd have to get up and drag myself to work every day while he gets to stay home and play house. Not to diminish what it takes to run a household but I think I would also start to think less of him as a man for even accepting the stay at home role. At least work part-time or do some freelance, then we'll talk!" said one female respondent.