Survey Results: For Love or Money? as a Dating Tool

Our Salary Wizard was developed as a tool for people to determine fair and appropriate compensation levels at their jobs. But according to our survey results, people are using it on the dating front to find out what their potential partners are making.

More than 6 percent of those surveyed said they've used to find out the salary of someone they were dating, or considering dating. But many of the people who have not used to research potential dates said that's only because it never crossed their minds.

One female in our survey said "No but that's a great idea. I will pass it on to my single girlfriends!" One man said "I have always hated it when one of the first words out of a woman's mouth is 'How much do you make?' Clearly they are either looking for a 'Sugar Daddy' or possibly they just want to make sure I would have something to offer. Either way it felt like I was being sized up. I would look on for their approximate salary, just so I would know they could support themselves and not depend on me."