Survey Results: Where are you cutting back?

Reader Advice

"As a former shopaholic ie... going to a mall/store at least once a week, I now limit myself to once a month or less."

"Ask myself if I really need something, and nine times out of 10 I put it back on the shelf. "

"I only purchase what I MUST have, now - items like shampoo, aluminum foil, socks. Do I have one at home? Can I get more uses out of it? Use it up first."

"Keep a 12 pack of soda at your desk and put one in the work frig at a time. Each time you go for a drink, replace with a new one. Save going to the vending machine."

"I have started to cut coupons for the grocery store again after 10 years. On average I save an estimated $80.00 per month on the grocery bill."