The Top 10 Most Stressful Jobs

Find Out Which Careers Come with the Most Worry

6. Registered Nurse - ER

Job title: Registered nurse – ER
Annual median salary: $66,517

Think about the last time you were in the hospital. You probably only saw the doctor a handful of times, right? It’s the nurses who take care of the details and upon whom you rely for most things.

The emergency room of any hospital is a hectic and chaotic place. Medical professionals are running every which way to determine who is a priority and who needs which treatments. There’s trauma almost everywhere you look, not to mention blood and other bodily fluids. Nurses are the link between patients and doctors, and are responsible for much of the routine care before and during treatment. Everything from catheters to getting patients another warm blanket is done by a nurse. Doctors rely on them, patients rely on them, and when mistakes are made regarding peoples’ health, the results can be catastrophic.