The 10 Biggest Office Time-wasters of 2013

The Viral Videos That Wasted the Most Time at Work This Year

1. What Does the Fox Say?

Not only does it have more than 275 million views on YouTube, it won’t leave your head – ever.

No one knows why or exactly how it happened, but this ridiculous song by Norway’s Ylvis blew up 2013 and infiltrated the homes and cubicles of people all over the world. It’s filled with animals and the lyrics include gems such as “Wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-Pow!” and “Hattie, hattie, hattie, ho!” It has a Santa lookalike reading to a small child in the middle of the forest. It makes ZERO sense but…

I must’ve watched it at least 20 times. And I’m clearly not alone.

So that’s our list. It’s not scientific by a longshot and I’m sure there are ones we might’ve missed, so leave your suggestions (with a link to the video if possible) in the comments. Have a great 2014.