The 8 Most Overpaid & Underpaid Jobs

Find Out Which Cushy Jobs Pad Your Wallet & Which Are Tough and Underpaid

7. Hotel Manager vs. Police Officer

Overpaid job: Hotel Manager
Median salary: $95,698

No doubt, the typical hotel manager has a lot on his/her plate. From overseeing the appearance of the hotel property to ensuring there's enough staffing to meet organizational goals, the hotel manager wears lots of hats. In the end, the main job of the hotel manager is to ensure customers are satisfied and happy. While cantankerous clients are par for the course -- who hasn’t been incensed by sluggish room service -- hotel visitors may be demanding, but they aren't usually dangerous. 

There are several jobs in this industry worth looking into.

Underpaid job: Police Patrol Officer
Median salary: $50,193

Unlike hotel managers, police officers wear only one hat. Like hotel managers, the job of the police officer is to keep "customers" happy. These "customers" comprise the citizens of the city, town, or village the police officer patrols, and keeping them "happy" means keeping them safe. Police officers routinely deal with unpredictable people -- criminals, drug dealers, thieves, and liars -- in unpredictable situations.

The cost of poor performance can be quite high, making police work not only one of the most dangerous occupations, but also one of the most stressful and underappreciated. Here are some similar jobs in law enforcement.