The 8 Most Overpaid & Underpaid Jobs

Find Out Which Cushy Jobs Pad Your Wallet & Which Are Tough and Underpaid

4. Actor vs. Public School Teacher

Overpaid job: Actor
Median salary: $50,733

We’ve all heard the stories of actors who have had to endure hours in hair and makeup, and those who have risked life and limb doing stunts. We feel sorry for stars whose every move has become tabloid fodder. Still, as the Gershwin tune says, it’s "Nice Work if You Can Get It." While acting most certainly takes skill and talent, contributes to society, and there are more actors/waitresses than A-list celebrity thespians, the salaries of highly-paid Hollywood actors (which are averaged in with the non-existent salaries of aspiring actors to get the above median) seem a bit out of whack compared to other jobs in the arts & entertainment industry.

Underpaid job: Public School Teacher
Median salary: $50,606

Simply put, teachers hold the key to our future. We leave it up to them to give children the tools and knowledge they need to make the world a better place -- often while battling budget cuts, bureaucracy, and overcrowding. We revere teachers enough to make movies that celebrate them. When New York City teacher Erin Gruwell changed the lives of more than 100 inner-city teens through writing, Paramount Pictures brought her story to the big screen with Freedom Writers. Yet Hilary Swank, the actress who merely pretended to be a teacher, earned significantly more than Ms. Gruwell herself. Hmmmmm.

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