The 8 Most Overpaid & Underpaid Jobs

Find Out Which Cushy Jobs Pad Your Wallet & Which Are Tough and Underpaid

3. Set Designer vs. Army Private

Overpaid job: Set Designer
Median salary: $45,824

It certainly takes a creative eye and lots of skill to design the realistic sets we see on the stage, on television, and in the theaters, but when all is said and done set designers get paid more than many to create fantasy worlds. Grumpy directors aside, and with a nod to the fact that work is always, well, work -- this doesn’t seem like a bad way to spend the day.

Underpaid job: Army Private (E2)
Median salary: $17,848

Privates in the Army, on the other hand work solely in reality, and it’s often a dangerous reality at that. Whether these hard workers are hoofing it through basic training, taking part in combat, or engaging in special forces, they needn’t be reminded that this is real life, and not a set in Saving Private Ryan.

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