The 8 Most Overpaid & Underpaid Jobs

Find Out Which Cushy Jobs Pad Your Wallet & Which Are Tough and Underpaid

1. Pilot vs. EMT

Overpaid job: Pilot (Commerical jetliner)
Median salary: $117,407

Despite recent cuts, pilots are still some of the most highly compensated employees in the transportation industry. While pilots must be highly skilled and trained to deal with both everyday events and emergencies (think Capt. Sully on the Hudson), many of their tasks are automated, they don’t deal with the public on a regular basis, and they get to travel. It may be a bit boring, and the travel may even get old, but it’s not a bad gig for the money.

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Underpaid job: Emergency Medical Technician
Median salary: $30,287

EMTs, on the other hand, have jobs that are anything but boring. Charged with responding to and transporting ill and injured people, often in life-and-death situations, most EMTs unfortunately have just as many devastating stories about loss as they do about saving someone's life. The job is not only incredibly stressful, it’s also physically demanding. Add in long, irregular working hours, and this is more of a calling, less of a job.