The 9 Worst Jobs of 2013

The Most Stressful, Dangerous & Doomed Jobs of the Year

Careers on the Way Out

"My job is the WORST!"

How many times have you or your friends said that? Usually it's uttered in a moment of frustration or annoyance when everything seems to be going wrong at work. But for the employees who work in the fields included on this list, it very well might be the truth.

The website recently published it's list of the Worst Jobs of 2013. They analyzed several hundred jobs and categorized them by four "core criteria" with which almost every job deals -- environment, income, outlook, and stress. Using data from the US Census and the Bureau of Labor Statistics to name a few, they came up with a scoring system that narrowed down the "worst" jobs of this year. So if you've been thoroughly unhappy at work and you spy your job on this list, maybe it's time to start looking around for greener pastures.