The 9 Worst Jobs of 2013

The Most Stressful, Dangerous & Doomed Jobs of the Year

3. Enlisted Military Personnel


This one is pretty self-explanatory.

We want to be very clear -- this isn't a knock on the brave men and women who serve in the US Armed Forces. They work very hard and their efforts are invaluable in supporting our very way of life, so placement on this list in no way means this isn't a worthy occupation. And yes, the military will pay for college and you could make an argument enlisted soldiers get to travel.

But they're traveling into war zones and combat. Whether it's the desert in Iraq or the mountainous terrain in Afghanistan, this is a job that not only risks the lives of employees -- it is a job requirement. If need be, military personnel literally die for one another and for all of us. That's why it ranked #1 in stress on the list. But it's also worth noting that as the US pulls slowly pulls troops out of current war zones, demand for active duty soldiers will decrease.