The Lowdown on Low-Cut: Salary's Dress Code Survey

Find Out the Revealing Results of Our Office Dress Code Survey

Everyone's Looking at You

It turns out you may have reason to be paranoid, because they are watching. And judging too. While your office mates might not be diming you out to human resources for your shabby dress, they're watching closely and forming opinions. Not very flattering ones either.

The majority of respondents---56 percent---admitted they make assumptions about people at the office based on how they're dressed. While your kindergarten teacher told you not to judge a book by its cover, the cold reality of life in the modern workplace is a totally different animal. Here are comments from some of our survey-takers:

"I might think someone who is dressed down for work might not be that smart."
"Men who are sloppy and women who show too much skin are viewed as junior."
"I think when people are poorly dressed for work they come across as not being team players and as not having respect for the workplace."