The Top 10 Most Stressful Jobs

Find Out Which Careers Come with the Most Worry

1. Enlisted military personnel

Job title: Army Private – E2
Annual median salary: $18,127

I listed Army because we don’t have salaries for the other branches in our database, but they would certainly apply here too.

Bottom line -- this job consists of going through basic training, learning the skills necessary to fight in combat, and then going over to a foreign country if necessary to go up against enemy forces. It is a job that all too often involves killing or being killed, watching the back of the person next to you, and witnessing unthinkable acts of horror and violence. And even if soldiers make it home, they still have to battle things like PTSD. The kicker is it’s a job for which everyone volunteers.

In my book there’s nothing more stressful than war and protecting freedom, which is why this job lands as #1 on our list with great respect.