The Working Dead: 7 Ways to Avoid Becoming an Office Zombie

Lessons from The Walking Dead about Surviving & Thriving at Work

3. Move On

One of the noticeable trends on The Walking Dead is the disposability of useless characters.

Carol’s abusive husband Ed was pummeled by other camp members and finally eaten by zombies after perpetrating violence against his wife, as well as never lifting a finger to help with chores. Some of the prisoners who joined up with Rick and company were both dispatched in the matter of a few episodes as they brought no redeeming qualities to the table. But most of all, The Walking Dead is never shy about disposing of characters after they become zombies.

Andrea put her own sister out of her misery. They leave Jim on the side of the road to turn into a walker after he became infected. When Lori died following complications from childbirth, her own son Carl turned a gun on her to prevent her from returning from the dead. And that was after Carl shot Rick's best friend Shane after becoming a zombie.

The point is, you may have a co-worker who was really superb at one point in time – but that time has passed. For whatever reason, some employees have mentally checked out and don’t care about their jobs anymore. Left unchecked, that attitude is just as infectious as the zombie plague. If you want to succeed, you need to cut out dead weight so you and the others who still care about their futures can survive and thrive. Tap the team members who still show initiative and work with them to get the job done.