Tips for Making a Successful Career Comeback

How to Recapture Professional Success Following a Career Setback

Is a Comeback Possible?

While the journalist community sorts out publicly what Lehrer's offense was or is (self-plagiarist is what he's actually been called -- a term even some of his critics disagree with, posing that plagiarism is stealing and that you really can’t steal from yourself, but that little qualifier hardly softens the blow as no writer wants the P-word anywhere near his or her name), beyond argument is the serious damage levied at the new New Yorker writer's good name and the need for damage control.  

Lehrer himself has made but a single public statement since, commenting to an inquiring Times reporter "It was a stupid thing to do and incredibly lazy and absolutely wrong," while otherwise remaining mum and, it could be argued, in hiding. 

So the big question is: Can Lehrer the teacher come back and eviscerate the public perception of Lehrer the "self-plagiarist?"