Tips for Making a Successful Career Comeback

How to Recapture Professional Success Following a Career Setback

Get Your Comeback Underway

The answer is "Yes and no."

The very medium that made him famous will also humble him into eternity. In my book Executive Presence, I quote Clive Thompson of Wired.com, where Lehrer was a contributing editor, who writes: “Google is not a search engine. It’s a reputation management system.  Online your rep is quantifiable, findable and totally unavoidable.” 

This is as unavoidable a fact for Jonah Lehrer as it is for any professional whose decisions and inherent consequences are archived on the internet for generations to come. So how can you stage a comeback for your reputation once the dreaded asterisk has been placed next to your name? The following suggestions for Lehrer the scribe are universal ones, and applicable not just to the rich and famous. We can all learn from them.