How to Use LinkedIn to Negotiate Salary

Harness LinkedIn's Public Data to Better Negotiate Salary & Get a Better Job Title

Do Your Homework

For our entire childhood, homework seemed like a chore or even punishment. 

"OK class, take out your homework!"
"Go upstairs and do your homework!"
"You’re not watching any TV until you’ve finished your homework!"

Aw, mom. But there’s a reason your parents and teachers insisted on this extra activity. When taken seriously, the extra work and practice prepares you to excel in a given task, be it algebra or literature.

"Do your homework" is also the first thing any expert will tell you when preparing for a job interview or salary negotiation. Unfortunately, like an antsy teenager hoping to get back to a game of Call of Duty, the average job-seeker just looks over the basics when preparing for a negotiation. Sure, he might check some competitive salaries online, talk to a friend or two, or have some dollar figures in mind, but is he really, truly prepared?