Use Sniper Rifles, Not Shotguns, When Job Hunting

A Highly Targeted Job Search is the Quickest Way to Get the Job You Want

Job Hunting & Zombies?

Maybe it's the zombies. 

When interviewing young professionals just out of college, one of my favorite questions to ask is “So, what other companies are you interviewing with?” At first glance, it’s a strange question. In many ways an interview is like a first date, as both parties try and see if there’s a mutual connection. So asking what other companies they are “seeing” is the equivalent of asking who else they’ve been dating.

The real reason for the question is to see how focused their job search efforts are. In many cases, their approach to getting a job is like a shotgun -- load it up, start firing at will, and see what hits -- kind of like what happens in zombie movies. And while the shotgun is just one of the top weapons of choice for the zombie apocalypse (yes I did research on this), I would argue that for a job search, the better tool is a sniper’s rifle.