Use Sniper Rifles, Not Shotguns, When Job Hunting

A Highly Targeted Job Search is the Quickest Way to Get the Job You Want

Narrow Your Job Search

When you’re trying to get your foot in the door for your first job, the shotgun/zombie approach seems to make sense. You don’t have any experience, you’re looking for your first break, so just get anything and then you can adjust your career path from there. 

So when I was hiring for a Technical QA job at a computer startup, I was encouraged by candidates rattling off a list of detail-oriented positions with software companies in the area. 

However, other candidates told me how they interviewed at a non-profit on Monday, a bank on Tuesday, a law office on Wednesday, and a yoga studio on Thursday. Having diverse interests is fine and exploring many options can be worthwhile, but most companies are hiring for a specific need, and will hire the person that best fits that need.