Use Sniper Rifles, Not Shotguns, When Job Hunting

A Highly Targeted Job Search is the Quickest Way to Get the Job You Want

How to Focus Your Job Search

The good news is, as you gain experience in your career, it makes it easier to increase your focus. Here are steps you can take to focus your job search:

  1. Do an honest assessment of what you’re good at. What is your unique ability that you can bring to a job?
  2. Determine what types of companies and industries need that ability. 
  3. Narrow the list down to brands that you identify with. Where are places that you’d like to work in terms of culture, fit, and location?
  4. Find out if there are job openings at these companies that match your skills.
  5. Rather than battling the masses with an online job form, spend the majority of your time researching, networking and using social media to find a connection within the company.
  6. Follow this path as far as you can to get an informational interview to learn about the company’s needs, or ideally a meeting with a hiring manager for an open position.
  7. If this leads to a dead end with your top choice, move on to the next company on your list and repeat. After several weeks if you get through your entire dream job list, go back and politely follow-up with the first company.