Dads are Worth More Money in 2013?

This Year's "Dad Salary" Is Up Considerably from 2012

8. Groundskeeper

Job Title: Groundskeeper
Annual salary: $27,100

Hourly pay: $13.03
Stay-at-home dads: 3.9 hours a week
Working dads: 2.8 hours a week

What's Father's Day without mentioning the lawn and grounds?

This is a dad staple for me, mainly because I love to be outside and I'm an ultra competitive person. Which means that damn neighbor of mine is going down this year as I work toward the ever-elusive perfect shade of lush green and manicured greatness of my lawn. But whether it's mowing, weeding, or planting in the yard, it often falls to dads to keep the outside of the house looking prim and proper.

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