Why American Workers Aren't Negotiating Salary

Survey Finds Fear, Stress, and Lack of Confidence Hampers Salary Negotiation

Are the Fears Valid?

So we know people are stressed, anxious, and fearful when it comes to salary negotiations. Many people even think they’re going to lose their job or have the offer pulled. But is that accurate? We surveyed 54 employers and asked them for their opinions from the other side of the negotiating table.

The vast majority – 80% -- of the employers we surveyed said they are not upset or offended when jobseekers negotiate during the interview process, and 57% of HR personnel expect people to ask for more when presented with a job offer. Furthermore, 48% expect their employees to ask for a raise at least once a year.

And only 9% reported rescinding a job offer specifically because someone asked for more money, while 4% fired an employee for unreasonable negotiation demands.