10 Jobs People Complain About the Most

Survey Analyzes a Year's Worth of Tweets & Finds the Most Hated Jobs

Let the Hate Flow Through You

If you hate your job and like to complain about it on social media, you’re probably a man living on the East Coast and working in retail.

So says a recent study courtesy of Brandwatch and Monster, which analyzed more than 1 million tweets over the course of one year, from March 2014 to March 2015. Attention was paid to how many people tweeted about loving and hating their jobs, with states such as Hawaii, Oregon, and California ranking high on the “love my job” list, while workers in Florida, West Virginia, and Delaware were decidedly unhappier about their employment situation. This despite jobs on the east coast paying more, proving money isn’t everything.

Statistics also showed people sour on their jobs in July (when they’d presumably rather be on the beach instead of in a cubicle), and like their jobs more starting in November just before the holidays.

In addition to charting love/hate geographically and by time of year, the study also focused on which jobs people reported disliking the most. Here’s they are in all of their (non) glory.