10 Ways You're Ruining Your Personal Brand

It's Tough to Succeed When You're Sending All the Wrong Messages

Your Personal Brand is Critical for Success

Donald Trump. Martha Stewart. Mark Zuckerberg. Sarah Palin.

Chances are you can think of a few things to say about each of them based on the impressions you’ve gathered about their personal brands -- however unconsciously -- complete with triumphs, missteps, and various forms of public humiliation and scandal. And depending on what those critically managed (not always successfully) impressions are, and by how many they are held, the lives and affairs of the Trumps, Stewarts and Palins are influenced. After all, Trump wants you to tune in to The Apprentice, Stewart wants you to shop her collections at Macy’s, and Palin wants to sell lots of books. 

By now, we know you don’t have to be a regular feature on the evening news or a sidebar on Huffington Post in order to elicit a response ranging from indifference to jeers and cheers. You have your own public and it’s their impressions of your brand and the messages you send that can determine career trajectory and business success.