11 of the Worst Bosses Ever

#WorstBossIn5Words Twitter Hashtag Reveals Some Really Terrible Bosses

Twitter Had a Lot to Say About Bad Bosses

You think your boss is bad? Read the #WorstBossIn5Words Twitter hashtag that took place last week and see if you still think you have it bad.

If you haven't watched Comedy Central's @midnight TV show, you should start. It's hysterical and one of the most popular segments is called #HashtagWars, during which the show puts out a topic and pores over the replies that come in in real time. Last week, the topic was #WorstBossIn5Words, and -- as the name implies -- asked readers to use a five words to describe the worst boss they can imagine. The results were equal parts hilarious, frightening, and in some cases mind-boggling.

Since we're all about work, employees, and bosses, we combed through the tweets and picked some of the funniest, most frightening, and cringe-worthy of the bunch for your entertainment. So enjoy.