12 Public Speaking Tips for Introverts

How to Connect With Your Audience & Lighten Your Load

You Can Be Introverted & Excel at Public Speaking

Recently, after I gave a presentation, a few audience members came up to me and insisted that I couldn’t possibly be an introvert (could, too!). Why? They said I was “on fire”—fully engaged with my audience. I was giving a workshop on public speaking, and had a ball helping make such a universally feared activity accessible, and even fun.

Like many introverts, even though I need my quiet time to get fueled before and after a presentation, I enjoy being in front of the room, engaging with audiences. How can you do that? The trick is to take the spotlight off yourself and, instead, shift your focus to your audience—a win-win for you and them.

Many of the following tips are simple techniques teachers and trainers have used forever. So you may have personally experienced some of them, or even used them as a presenter. If you’re an introvert, consider how you can you use them to spice up your presentations while giving yourself precious time to take little breathers from “extroverting” in front of the room.