Career Test: What's Your Workplace Personality?

Find Out Which of the 12 Career Archetypes You Fit Into

4. The Hero

The Hero’s journey never ends. The Hero takes on all challenges and meets them head-on. Heroes show courage beyond common sense at times in an effort to always come out on top.

Strengths: Long hours and extreme effort are the hallmark of a Hero archetype. You will often stick to a set of ideals and convictions and defend them without reservation. If you set a goal, you will not rest until it is accomplished.

Traps to Avoid: When a Hero gets bored trouble often follows; Heroes will create a challenge or an enemy where none existed. Often, a challenge that requires a strategic change in direction will instead be met by doing more of the same.

Ideal Company Culture: If the Hero is a strong influence in your profile you will feel at home working for an employer that values hard work and effort in a competitive culture with clear goals that define success.

Potential Career Matches:
Fire, Law Enforcement, Security

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