2013 Wasting Time at Work Survey

Everything You've Always Wanted to Know About Wasting Time in the Office

Employees Are Wasting More Time at Work

When we last did this survey in 2012, 64% of our survey respondents said they waste time at work on a daily basis. This year that number is on the rise as 69% of the people surveyed in 2013 said they waste time at work every single day. But the question remains, how much?

Most people (34%) said they routinely waste 30 minutes or less each day while on the clock. Nearly one-quarter (24%) said they waste between 30-60 minutes daily, with 11% claiming they spend several hours per day wasting time on non work-related items on a daily basis. Of the people who don't waste time each day, 21% reported slacking off 1-2 times a week while only 10% claimed they never waste time on the job.