2014 Wasting Time at Work Survey

Workers Are Wasting More Time Than Ever in 2014

Who Wastes the Most Time?

If you’re wondering who wastes the most time at work, the answer is single men in their 20s and 30s without higher education.

Men waste slightly more time than women at work (91% to 87%), although more women (27%) prefer using Facebook to men (17%). When it comes to marital status, 91% of single people waste time compared to 88% of married folks, and 85% of those who are divorced.

Although the youngest workers are often believed to waste the most time, it’s actually people between the ages of 26 to 39 who are the biggest offenders.

  • 91% of people 18-25 waste time daily
  • 95% of people 26-32 waste time daily
  • 92% of people 33-39 waste time daily
  • 90% of people 40-50 waste time daily
  • 85% of people 51-60 waste time daily
  • 78% of people 60+ waste time daily