3 Reasons the Worst People Get Ahead at Work

Negative Personality Traits Can Actually Help in the Workplace

Why THAT Person Gets Ahead

Do you work with THAT guy?

You know the person I'm talking about. The guy who just likes to hear himself talk. The guy who hijacks every business meeting to promote his own agenda. The guy who is far less interested in the outcome of his team's work than furthering his personal goals. Despite possessing traits most would universally acknowledge as deplorable, it seems some people are actually rising up the ranks and being recognized even though they are less qualified than others. But how? And why?

A recent Wall Street Journal article cites research claiming workers with personality comprising the "dark triad" (which we'll get to later) actually have some worthwhile attributes hiding in a sea of awfulness. So what are these attributes that make up the "Dark Triad" and what silver linings can be garnered from these obnoxious personality traits? Take a look.