3 Ways to Deal With the Long Job Interview Process

As the Interview Process Lengthens, Here's How You Can Cope

Just Hang in There...

The first case was a client, “Susan,” that was laid off in November of 2013. Fortunately, she was forward-thinking and had seen the writing on the wall, so when she reached out for negotiation help, she already had her next job lined up. But looking back at our timeline, it’s a little bit disturbing:

  • After her interviews late in the year, she was told “You should know something by the end of December.”
  • As the days on her calendar ticked by and the company told her they needed more time, it was easy to blame it on the rush of the holidays.
  • January 29: Several more weeks passed before she had a specific call to talk salary, and we mapped out a strategy at that time.
  • February 5: “You should know something by Friday.”
  • February 18: “There’s been some leadership changes, can we meet after the 25th?”
  • March 6: “You should know something by Friday.”

On March 7, things got REALLY interesting. She was in a crowded restaurant and overheard her name mentioned at a table nearby. She elbowed her husband to shush and listen in, and it ended up being someone in management at the company she was interviewing at. They were complaining that, because their company took so long to hire people, they always lost good candidates. It had become a topic of public conversation!

On March 10, she received a verbal offer. But we all know what that’s worth, right?

It wasn’t until March 22 – about FOUR MONTHS from her initial interviews – that she finally signed an official, written offer. Insane.